Students Council


Students Council

The school is run by a democratically elected student council headed by the President. Elections are normally presided over  by the Mlamba High School’s IEBC in term 2 of each year after a rigorous campaign period. Successful candidates are then sworn in after a colourful thanks giving mass presided over by the local Catholic parish priest. Student leaders are later inducted into there responsibilities in a series of induction meetings.

The 2019 Student Council is as follows:


President: John Mwamidi

Deputy President: Mwarashu V. Chao

 Cabinet Secretary for Education:

Ludindi Anchia

Other Ministry Officials

Comp Lab Secretary: Martin Kirigha

Time Manager: Cathrine Mawondo


4B: Secretary: Kennedy Mwachugha

4G: Secretary: Mbaya Ndakula

3B Secretary: Victor Mwasaru

3G Secretary: Maria Samba

2B Secretary: Patrick Mbaya

2G Secretary: Celina Mwangi

1G Secretary:    Sorophina Chao

1B Secretary:      Mshote Mchana

Cabinet Secretary/Minister for Sports: Diana Kawesa

Sports Secretary: Alice Kathini


Cabinet Secretary/Minister for Dining Affairs:  Kalamba Hillary

Deputy Minister for Dining Affairs: Mwaningo Majala

Cabinet Secretary/Minister for Water, Environment and Lights:

Ngura Priscilla

 Deputy C.S. : Annet Ngoda


C.S./Minister for Clubs, Societies, Movements and Liturgy:

Vian Kera

Deputy C.S.: Charles Mwakireti


Each ministry has a patron for mentorship purposes.


The Council has a cabinet which comprises of the Captain, Deputy Captain and Cabinet Secretaries.

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