Parents Association (PA)


Parents’ Association (PA)- 2018

The PA comprises of all parents who have children in the school. The Parents elected the following to represent them in their Executive committee from 2016.

1. Mr. Oscah Mrembe               - Chairperson/Form 2 Rep.

2. Mr. Phoebiana Mshai            - Deputy Chaiperson/ Form 2 Rep.

3. Mr. Patrick Mukhwaya          -Secretary/Principal

4.Ms Deborah Mjomba              - Treasurer/4G Rep.

5.Mr. Shete Lewela                   - 3B Rep.

6.Ms. Elizabeth Mmasae          - 3G Rep.

7.Ms. Elizabeth Mwaningo        -Form 2 Rep.

8.Mr Noel Mwashumbe             - 1G Rep.

9.Mr Robert Maghanga            - 1B Rep.

10.Mr Katumanga Edward        -Teacher Representative

11.Ms Phydilia Mwakio            - Teacher Representative


PA Chairpersons Memory Lane 

2018-Present : Oscah Mrembe

2016 - 2017: Mr. Richard Kimonge Nyali

2013 - 2016: Mr. Faustine Tengia Maghanga

2010 - 2013: Mr. James Mrombo

2009 - 2010: Mr. Robert Mwamachi.

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