Teaching Staff


Teaching Staff

The school is served by a dedicated team of 13 highly competent teachers who execute their duties with great zeal. Ten of them are employed by TSC while three are BOM employees.

The teachers are as follows:

1. Mr. Patrick Mukhwaya       - Principal, Agriculture/Biology

2. Mr. Stephen Muciri           - Deputy Principal, Geography/History

3. Mr. Edward Katumanga     - Dean of Studies, English/Literature

4. Mr. Peter Ongweso           - Chemistry/Biology

5. Mr Hassan Limo               - Agriculture/Biology

6. Mr. Willis Sirama              - Chemistry/Maths

7. Ms Josephine Napoya        - History/ Kiswahili

8. Ms Phydiliah Mwakio          - Maths/Physics

9. Mr. Lawrence Mbashu         - Kiswahili/History

10. Mr. Dimba Joseph            - Geography/Business Studies

11. Mr. Njenga Thomas      - Maths/Bussiness

12.Ms Kiute Gracelda            - Kiswahili/CRE

13. Mr Herman Mwachuya   - English/Literature

Parents Association (PA)

Parents’ Association (PA)- 2018

The PA comprises of all parents who have children in the school. The Parents elected the following to …

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School Management

The school is run by a legally constituted Board of Management.

The officers in charge are as follows:

BOM Chairman - Mr. Peter Mwamachi

Principal …

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